Heeling and toeing is a method of controlling all three pedals in a manual gearbox car at the same time, enabling the driver to change gear while braking.

Though 'heeling and toeing' is the common term, more often the technique (above) uses the side of the right foot to operate the throttle pedal.

In a heel and toe downchange while braking the driver operates the clutch as normal with the left foot, and operates the brake with the right foot. To match the engine speed to the lower gear the driver rolls and angles his or her right foot onto the throttle pedal, while maintaining pressure on the brakes.

Heeling and toeing requires considerable practice to achieve a smooth gearchange and also smooth braking. It is easier in cars which require relatively heavy brake pedal pressures – so consequently it is difficult to achieve smooth heel and toe downshifts in modern cars with light brake pedal pressures.