Nico Rosberg's Hans device

The Head and Neck Support or Hans device is a safety device used by racing drivers.

The device is worn on the driver's shoulders (as Nico Rosberg demonstrates, above). A vertical projection at the rear carries two tethers which are fixed to the driver's helmet. In a collision the tethers prevent the helmet moving forwards too far, which can cause serious neck injuries.

The Hans device was made mandatory in Formula 1 in 2003 and is commonly used in many other racing categories.

HANS Head And Neck Support device

HC Hydrocarbons

HCCI Homogeneous combustion compression ignition

HDC Hill Descent Control (Land Rover)

HEGO Heated exhaust gas oxygen (sensor)

HID High intensity discharge (lamp)

HMI Human machine interface

hp Horsepower

HT High tension (high voltage)

HUD Head up display

HVAC Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning is commonly abbreviated to HVAC.

All vehicles are provided with HVAC systems to ensure comfortable conditions for the occupants. These can range from simple heating and ventilation to complex air conditioning and climate control systems with individual controls for each occupant.

A hub carrier is a suspension component which is mounted between the upper and lower wishbones in a double wishbone suspension system.

The hub carrier has a stub axle running in bearings, to which the wheel is fixed.

In a front suspension system, the hub carrier has to accommodate steering angle and is known as a steering knuckle.

The Human Machine Interface (HMI) is the system of controls, switches, displays and instruments with which the driver interacts with the vehicle.

The HMI includes

  • all the driving controls - steering wheel, gear lever and so on
  • switches and buttons on the dashboard, centre console, doors, steering wheel, roof console
  • the instrument panel and head-up display