Ferrari 599XX has more power and active aero

Ferrari has announced an evolution of the 599XX track car with more power and active aerodynamics.

The evolution 599XX incorporates a twin-element rear wing with what Ferrari calls an 'opening gap' system – the wing elements can be rotated electronically to adjust rear downforce, maintaining an optimum balance between front and rear axle grip. The result is an improvement in high speed cornering behaviour.

Unlike the Drag Reduction System twin-element wings used on F1 cars, which are under driver control, the 599XX's wing is automatically actuated, with control based on four vehicle parameters:

  • steering wheel angle
  • longitudinal acceleration
  • lateral acceleration
  • vehicle speed

The control system for the wing is integrated with the car's other vehicle dynamics systems, all of which have been recalibrated to suit:

  • ESP electronic stability control
  • ABS anti-lock braking
  • SCM adjustable damping
  • F1-Trac traction control

The new aerodynamics package also includes a modified front splitter and a redesigned rear diffuser with a larger area.

Ferrari says that at 200km/h the new aero package provides 330kg of total downforce with the wing open and 440kg with it closed.

In addition to the aerodynamic changes the 599XX has adopted side exhausts, reducing back pressure and increasing power output by 20PS to 750PS at 9000 rpm, and maximum torque rises to 700Nm. The increased power output and a slightly shorter final drive ratio improve acceleration. According to Ferrari, the new car will lap the Fiorano test track in 1m15s.