Michael Schumacher's Mercedes at an apex

In motorsport, the apex of a corner is the point where the car is positioned closest to the inside of the turn.

The racing line for a corner increases the corner radius as much as possible. This is done by approaching the corner at the far side of the track, aiming the car inwards to the apex (also known as 'clipping point') then allowing the car to drift out to the far edge of the track again at the corner exit.

For most corners, the fastest line has a 'late apex' – more than half way around the corner. This has the advantage of straightening the car earlier, allowing the driver to apply more power sooner. But a driver defending a position in a race might use an 'early apex', moving early to the inside of the corner. Although this is generally a slower way to negotiate the corner, it helps to avoid being outbraked by a rival.