Bump steer can refer to a steering geometry fault where the steering angle changes as the suspension moves up and down.

More commonly it is used to mean a change in direction of a car as it passes over a bumpy road, which can be caused by a number of factors including an over-stiff front anti-roll bar.

Bump is the name given in suspension analysis for upward wheel movement which compresses the springs.

The bore of an engine is the diameter of each cylinder.

Bore can also be used to refer to the inner surface of the cylinder.

A horizontally-opposed or flat engine.

Strictly speaking, a boxer is a specific type of flat engine which has an individual crankpin for every conrod. A flat engine where each crankpin carries two conrods (as in the Porsche 917) is really a 180-degree V-engine.

An American tyre design with angled reinforcing plies in its casing, like a cross-ply tyre, and semi-rigid breakers under the tread like a radial tyre.