Coilovers are suspension units comprising a telescopic damper inside a coil spring. They are most commonly seen on competition cars, though some road cars use them.

Clocks are the vehicle's instruments. It's a common slang term rather than a formal description.


A coupé is a two-door version of a four-door saloon car or a fixed-roof version of a convertible.

The word comes from the French couper, to cut, and indicates that a coupé is normally a shortened version of the vehicle. However, this aspect of the term has largely been forgotten and some cars regarded as coupés are no shorter than the saloons on which they are based. The Peugeot 405 coupé was actually longer than its saloon progenitor.


A coupe cabriolet is a convertible car with a retractable hardtop rather than a folding cloth roof.

Coupe cabriolets were popular in the 1960s in the US and have made a comeback in recent years.


C-segment cars are medium-sized family cars like the Ford Focus, Renault Mégane, VW Golf and Vauxhall Astra.

They are larger than B-segment cars like the Ford Fiesta, but smaller than D-segment cars like the Ford Mondeo and Vauxhall Insignia.