Intake charge is the air or air/fuel mixture which is admitted to the cylinder during the induction stroke.

In a conventional petrol engine the intake charge is a mixture of air and fuel, but in a direct injection petrol or diesel engine the intake charge consists only of air, as the fuel is introduced later.

IAM Institute of Advanced Motorists

IC Integrated circuit

ICE In car entertainment

IFS Independent front suspension

IP Instrument panel

IRS Independent rear suspension

ISO International Organization for Standards

IVT Infinitely variable transmission

An independent suspension system allows the wheel on one side to move up and down without causing the wheel on the other side to move.

Independent suspension generally offers a better ride, better roadholding and less variation in grip due to changes in road surface.

Ignition delay is the time delay between the injection of fuel into the combustion chamber of a diesel engine, and the increase of pressure caused by the start of combustion.

Diesel fuels with a higher cetane number have a shorter ignition delay.

Shorter ignition delay means combustion is faster, promoting complete combustion and allowing higher engine speeds for more power.

The induction system supplies air (and sometimes fuel) to the combustion chamber of an engine.

The induction system is made up of some or all of the following:

  • air filter
  • intake tracts
  • plenum chamber
  • intake ports