Cartechnical's Figures column brings you the numbers we didn't know a week ago. This week: the stats behind the Gordon Murray Design (GMD) T.27 electric car.

The T.27 has 3 seats and a central driving position - just like Gordon Murray's McLaren F1 design.

It's taken just 17 months to take the T.27 from the first drawing to a running prototype.

At 680kg the electric T.27 weighs about 130kg more than its ICE-engined sister car, the T.25.

GMD says other EVs use at least 29% more energy to travel the same distance. The Smart EV uses 29% more, the Mitsubishi iMiev uses 36% more and the Mini E uses 86% more energy.

The T.27 has a 105km/h top speed and takes 15 seconds to accelerate from 0-100km/h. 

Its range of 130 miles in the ECE15 test is 30% more than its range over the NEDC cycle - in other words, it uses less energy in typical city driving than it does on open roads.

The 750 litre maximum luggage capacity exceeds that of a Ford Ka.

At 2.5m long the T.27 is only slightly longer than most cars are wide. Three T.27s will fit in a standard parking space.

The T.27 has a 6m turning circle. By comparison a Smart Fortwo has a 9m turning circle.

£15,000 is expected to be the T.27's price tag. GMD is negotiating a production deal with three manufacturers.

£4.5m of funding from the Technology Strategy Board underpins the T.27's development.